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Thread: "4th Master Hard Disk : S.M.A.R.T. Status Bad. Backup and Replace."

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    "4th Master Hard Disk : S.M.A.R.T. Status Bad. Backup and Replace."

    This just started happening today, whenever I boot up my computer I get this message

    "4th Master Hard Disk : S.M.A.R.T. Status Bad. Backup and Replace."

    But after I hit next everything works fine... Also every now and then my hard drive makes a strange squeaking noise. I already backed up my files and it said online that it's recommended to replace the thing, but is there anything I can try that will fix the problem or prevent this from happening again if I get a new hard drive?

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    harddisks just die from time to time. .backup ur stuff, get a new drive..

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    yes. obviously, SMART is supported by your drive and mobo, so your system is telling you (actually the hard drive itself is telling you) that it will probably be dieing soon... or so the internal diagnostic is telling it.

    back up your data on the drive and be prepared.

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    fuxors...mine is doing this exact same thing...its been a good ole maxtor lots of hours logged on this baby...hmmm....would be a good excuse to tell the wifey i need a couple of 15k rpm cheetahs and a new scsi card.....muhahaha

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    A client of mine just bought a "Generic" (actual brand name) drive to copy his old drive to because it had bad sectors.

    I put the drive in to Fdisk it, and didn't even bother to boot to the floppy to start Fdisk. A brand new drive and "S.M.A.R.T. gave me that same message.
    Junk before it had one file put on it.

    I went out and got him a WD instaed.

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    Hmm... whats up with the squeaking noise though? Someone said the fan might be scrapping against something, but I dunno...

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    Also sometimes a BIOS flash/upgrade of the motherboard will get rid of some "false" SMART older BIOS and their SMART systems may falsely report errors on some newer hard drives that they may have incompatibilities with. I have seen some BIOS flashes to cure those...depending on your brand of motherboard.
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