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Thread: Best XBOX hack evar!

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    Best XBOX hack evar!

    Hm...I didn't get to see too much, but I think I just saw a pretty cool XBOX hack. A cousin of a friend, apparently has something to do with this, and he had a fully hacked unit at his place. So I'm over there for a party today...

    ...anyway, I don't know half the crap he was doing, but here's what he explained to me. They figured out how to flash the bios on the xbox with a new one (or something along those lines), although I'm not sure if it requires a box that already has a mod chip. Either way, apparently, it wasn't anything TOO complicated. In the end, he showed me the XBOX running:

    an FTP server
    games fully copied to the hard drive
    running the xbox as a server on his network (he mentioned DHCP or something here, but I don't really have a clue what that is)
    a new, larger, HD to replace the 8 gig one in it, partitioned as you like it
    DivX movies
    emulated games, from MAME, NES, SNES, even the N64
    and a new custom menu to do all this stuff within the console

    Hopefully, I'll get the chance to play with this unit sometime soon, and he mentioned that whatever needs to be done will be online within a week or so. I pretty much scoffed at my friend's claims of a cool xbox hack, but after seeing this, unless there's some major trickery going on, I'm pretty much convinced, almost to the point of buying a second unit that I can screw around with. And I don't really know if this makes the ultimate idea of running Linux (or something) on an XBOX a strong possiblilty for the near future, but its interesting regardless.

    In one word, "sweeeeet."

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    Re: Best XBOX hack evar!

    Originally posted by BIGJIMSLATE
    Hopefully, I'll get the chance to play with this unit sometime soon

    In one word, "sweeeeet."
    I don't think we wanna know...

    Sounds like a c00 unit, wouldn't mind checking info about how it was done...
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    There is a $200,000 US prize for the first person to get linux on an xbox legally you have to do a few other things to but that is the main part. You should tell your friend abotu it. I belive it is called the X box linux project.
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    Damn, that sounds awesome!

    I knew the XBOX was nothing more then a specialized computer.
    Defintely talk to your "connection" about that linux thing.

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    absoultly everything you need to know on the xbox. divx players/ wma/mp3 playerz. rips. bios hdd dvd drive memory.
    xbox hackerz:xbox

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    I smell a xbox with windows 95+ soon

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