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Thread: Cable Modem, 4 PC's, Router, 2 IP Adresses, and Hub

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    Exclamation Cable Modem, 4 PC's, Router, 2 IP Adresses, and Hub

    This is what i have now:

    Cable Modem -> Hub Port 1
    Hub Port 2 -> WAN Port of Router
    Hub Port 4 -> Computer requiring 2nd IP Address

    Router Ports -> Other 3 Computers......

    The problem that I'm having is, using this setup, which was advised by Charter, the computer connected directly to the hub, is not visible on my local network. All the machines can see the Net without a problem. We need the 2nd IP address here, but we also need the machines to connect with each other for file sharig gaming, etc........ I could move the cable from the hub to the router for those purposes but isn't there a better way?

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    bluezman_sc :There is a better way to set your network up and have two IP's on one router .with all computers on the router.
    You need to get a nexland pro800 turbo router.
    the set up for two IP's would be modem to hub from hub two cat6 line to the two wan port on the router cat6 line to all of your computers. then they would be on one network. this is how mine is set up.
    you can get the nexland pro800 turbo for $349.95 from

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    I appreciate the reply, but $350 is a bit more than I want to spend for a home router at this point. It's not mission critical, but it is something that should be easily remedied, if I can find that easy remedy

    Is there not another way?

    Again, thanks for your reply, and, the router that you mentioned is very nice...........


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