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Thread: Why Shoud Nylon Be Washed In A Dilute Acid SolutioN?

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    Why Shoud Nylon Be Washed In A Dilute Acid SolutioN?

    My Chem teacher asked me this, just to know if I knew, and asked me to give him an answer on Mon.

    I've done some research, but couldn't find out why....

    any ideas?

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    hmm... well, i suppose that would depend on what you want and what you don't want.

    when you say "dilute", what do you mean? diluted with what? water? what kind of Nylon are you referring to? what kind of solvent?

    i deal with crazy types of nylon every day, but they are not the average kind of Nylon (used in making certain types of hydraulic system seals and the like).

    basic rule of thumb is Nylon reacts with various liquids... the most elementary being water (it absorbs it and swells).

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    I don't think I've heard that before. Now I'm curious and I'll be watching here for the answer.
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    Nylon can yellow.
    Most of the fabric dyes are acidic.
    Perhaps to remove the accumulation of body oils. Guess it is time for a search.
    blessed be................


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