Cruising the 'net and looking for exactly the product Ken wanted.

Made it to the order processing form when I thought I'd better check out some boards and ask some questions (see below.)

Thank goodness I stopped by SpeedGuide first!

Ken, did you ever find the Lian Li HDD coolers at a price lower than $35 at PCMods? (I emailed newegg and asked them to stock them!)

Also, I've upgraded an older box (for the kids) with a PIII 600MHz 512kb 2.02v (Katmai) processor which runs quite a bit warmer. I've got 1 power supply exhaust and one case exhaust (nothing special with either) and, of course the PIII slot-1 fan.

If I start pushing air past my SCSI drives with two of the Lian Li cooler bays do I need to add more 'exhaust' or 'intake' into the mix?

May sound dumb but I don't want to start cutting holes in the case unless I really need to do it.

Also, do I need to open up the PIII and insert Arctic Silver or something?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks Again!
Hey Reader,
Welcome to SpeedGuide!

I didn't like the face, nor the 2 fans. So what I did was buy the Lian Li that had the awesome aluminum heat sink and I adapted it to a cool looking, 3 fan baycooler metal face.
It worked out well.
It keeps my 15,000 rpm SCSI Cheetahs at ~86 F,or 30 C...
The Lian Li heat sinks rock!

What I try to do is have more intake air than exhaust air. That way I have a positive pressure inside the case. This keeps any holes in the case from sucking in unfiltered air as dust accumulates rapidly and definitely affects temps...

I would recommend using filters on all intake fans...

You didn't mention what your intake fans were...

We are heading up to my farm and should be back tomorrow night...
The watermelons are sweet this year!
Let me know!