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Thread: 56k Splitter

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    56k Splitter

    I watched a interesting TV ad where this router type thing splits ur phonline into 3 active lines, ISP/FAX/Phone, and while ur online u can still recieve phone calles faxes at same time... How does this work...

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    call your phone company, line1, line2, line3
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    I saw a device like that at the last computer show I whent to. But I thought it was pure BS...
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    Catch-A-Call == Emerson Switchboard

    With Catch-A-Call, you will never hear complaints like these again. Catch-A-Call allows users to receive incoming phone calls and faxes while they are on the Internet, eliminating the need for a second phone line.

    Catch-A-Call uses your telephone companyís call waiting service (call waiting is required) to detect incoming calls while you are online. Catch-A-Call immediately rings and flashes a red light to notify you of the incoming call. If you choose to take the call, simply pick up the telephone plugged into the Catch-A-Call and your Internet connection will automatically be placed "on hold" for a short length of time (anywhere from 2 to 30 seconds). After you are finished with your phone conversation, simply hang up. If your computer has not yet disconnected, you can resume surfing the Internet. If you stayed on the phone long enough to cause your computer to disconnect, simply click the Refresh button on your browserís tool bar and your computer will dial up again and reconnect to the same Internet page where you left off. Itís that simple! With Catch-A-Call, you can stay connected to the Internet all day long without the worry of missing any calls or faxes.

    Here are some of the many benefits of Catch-A-Call:

    No need for an expensive second phone line
    A second phone line costs about $25 per month. With Catch-A-Call, you donít need it!

    Caller-ID compatible
    If you subscribe to call-waiting Caller-ID service, you can attach a caller-ID unit to the Catch-A-Call and see who is calling you, then decide whether or not to take the call.

    Extremely Easy to install
    All you have to do is plug it in! Takes about 2 minutes! No software to install; no complex configurations; no need to open up your computer.

    Voice Mail compatible
    If you have voice mail and you choose not to take the incoming call, it will be routed to your voice mail so that the caller can leave you a message (does NOT route to an answering machine).

    Works with ALL computers and ANY operating system

    Does NOT affect your modem/connection speed
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    wow, that's a useless device, v.92 does the same thing.


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