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Thread: Router or Internet Connection Sharing

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    Router or Internet Connection Sharing

    I'm using two computers right now, and I'm using Internet Connection Sharing so that they both are hooked to the Internet. I am on a college campus and hooked up to a ds3 (i think that's good). My question is this: I run a quake 3 server off of the computer that is hooked directly to the net, and I use the other computer, the one hooked up to the primary computer, to play games off of. Some people have said that they are experiencing packet loss in my server, which they don't normally experience in other servers. Someone suggested I should buy a router instead and it might help make the server smoother for others to play in, but I've also heard otherwise. Does anyone know if a router would actually improve the situation, not change the situation, or make it worse? Thanks

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    ok.. I assume your server comp is hooked straight onto the pc and from the pc u go to yer prim comp..

    so when you are using yer comp to play games.. it goes thru the SERVER comp then to you.. so that might be why the Server is not as smooth.. because not only are u using the for server.. yer using it to distrubute the internet...

    if u get a router.. in theory it should make it better since the routher splits up the conection so the server comp will only serve and your prim comp to play...


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