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Thread: XP Help and Tweak Sites

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    XP Help and Tweak Sites

    Here's a few links to help answer questions on XP, and some downloads you may enjoy.
    Remember, it was Microsoft who created XP so they know best how to Help You. As a paying customer they will also answer questions you have.

    Microsoft XP How to's - Tons of Info

    Microssoft Help and Support - Browse around

    Microsoft Knowledge Base - Search here for articles about your problem(s);EN-US;KBINFO

    Microsoft Downloads for XP - Some extras etc

    Microsoft Powertoys for XP - Gotta love the PowerToys

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional Tips

    User Submitted Tips for XP

    XP Technical Articles Index

    XP How to Articles for IT Pros

    DLL File Information DataBase

    Some tweaking sites for XP

    Services Information Tips and Tweaking

    Tweaking and Speed Tips,530826,00.asp

    Check this post periodically for new links

    One site has all (Excellent)

    Once more for good luck.....Check the Help Files Too
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    Thanks John, you're quick, as usual

    Within each of those links there are plenty more to browse through, have a good look around in them all while you're there.

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    Heres one thats been most helpfull
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    Nice post Norn..
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    I love Blackvipers page. Very educational. don't forget neowin though guys

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    XP sites

    Thanks Norm!

    I have been working with XP embedded and its really stripped down, so I am constantly running into issues where pieces and parts are missing from the full blown OS.

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    good post

    good job norm, i;m always looking for diff sites for xp, this may have been posted before, but here;s another
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    Optimize XP - A Windows XP Optimization Guide

    Optimize XP - A Windows XP Optimization Guide

    This is a good guide to get most people started and a some optimizations people may not be aware of.

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    Nice job guys, a number of those sites are worth being bookmarked.

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    Thanks for the Info ive managed to get rid of Msn xp at last !

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    Win Xp Pro Uninstall

    What happens after 30 days if you don't register XP?? What problems will I run into if I uninstall Xp Pro and reinstall Win 98? Thanks

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    This Is Simply Awesome Piece of Info

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    Exclamation XP Myths - Myths Regarding Windows XP

    XP Myths - Myths Regarding Windows XP

    "Myth (Definition) - A fiction or half-truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology. There are numerous Myths floating around the Internet regarding Windows XP, especially relating to Optimizations and Security. Hopefully this site will debunk some of these."

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    Here's a pretty good site,,Helped me to understand a lot,Maybe it'll be a good read for other's and of course,never forget SG..Thx guy's..

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    I didn't see another Tweak site for XP. Here's another. Since I didn't see it... . It has been a while since I checked the site, but it should have tweaks and such.
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    Here are some more useful sites.
    These pages contain Windows and Internet articles, slide shows, and tutorials.
    Windows XP information site with tips, tweaks and troubleshooting and technical articles.
    Articles & FAQs, Registry Patches, Knowledge Base.
    Find Tips and Tricks for Software, Easter Eggs, Hot Downloads, Glossary of Internet Terms, Virus Warnings, Articles, File Extensions.
    Links to useful ms sites, Super XP Tweaking Guide, Tips and Tricks.
    This site contains tips and HOW TOs for most of the common tasks in Windows XP, and should help any audience with skill level Basic to Advanced.
    Guide to Building a PC, Software Guides, Hardware Guides, Network Guides, Guides in Windows Help format (download), Windows Tips and Tricks.

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    wow a lot of good information !!



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