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Thread: RAM Settings?

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    RAM Settings?

    So can you tell me if my RAM settings are lower than they supposed to be, Just doesn't look right

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    The "SPD" tab in CPU-Z shows how your memory is rated (XMP), what it should be able to run at stable, as per the manufacturer.
    The "Memory" tab should show you at what speed it is running currently. You can set that RAM speed in the BIOS, or let it choose automatically based on that XMP info above.

    Check the "Memory" tab, optimally it should run at that third column "XMP-2134" - note the "2T" timing in the "Command Rate" line, I would run it at that, since the model is 11-11-11-30-2N (2N, or 2T, means the time it takes a signal in memory to be issued to a ram module). If you want it to run a bit cooler/slower, you can run it at one of the 1.5V settings, there is no right or wrong speed, depends on how far you want to push it

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