PRO/FREE: New version released (1.0.1617 + drivers 1.0.232)
New Outpost Firewall version released

Today we are proud to announce the release of the newest version of Outpost Firewall, 1.0.1617. The executables and Outpost engine have remained unchanged but we have included important updates of the default configuration files, firewall rules and settings.

History of changes

Changes since last version (1.0.1511 + drivers 1.0.228) released March 12

New global rules for blocking ports 135 and 445 by default and allowing PPTP control connection. (*)

Presets database updated. Now it contains more sets of recommended rules compiled by our engineers for different applications.

Attack Detection Plug-in configuration file (protect.lst) is updated to fix false-positives alarms.

"Configuration file is not found" error fixed.

Outpost Help file is updated.

We have added new default rules for incoming attachments. This will prevent dangerous attachments from being executed so viruses and worms cannot harm your computer. (*)