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Thread: major connecion problems with Linksys 4 port router please help! (long post)

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    major connecion problems with Linksys 4 port router please help! (long post)

    well i have been going nuts the past week trying to figure out what the hell is going on here.

    i have the Linksys BEFSR41 4 port router installed running 2 computers on a cable connection. i've had this router for 5-6 months and it has work perfectly. no problems at all up until the past week or so.

    the router is sitting right beside the main computer in my basment hooked up to the cable modem with some short cat5 RG45 cables.

    the second computer is upstairs on the top floor with a cat5 RG45 cable running outside the house which is about 30-35 feet long.

    both computers are running Windows XP Pro. and they are both using the same SMC 10meg/sec NIC (Win XP detects a Intel 21041-Based PCI Ethernet Adapter) which was given to us by our cable ISP over 5 years ago.

    the IRQ for the NIC on the first PC is IRQ10 and on the second PC the NIC IRQ is 11. (if this matters)

    i have assigned both PC's with their own IP addresses through manual configuration and have the router set up for 2 DHCP users.

    the main computer with the router and cable modem sitting right beside it works perfectly. there are no problems with the connection at all.


    the second computer is currently getting dissconected all the time. the small network connection icon in the taskbar keeps saying "network cable is unpluged" every few seconds. it will connect and then dissconect rapidly. and you can see the connection lights on the router blink on and off at the same time.


    i have:

    1. tried diffrent ports on the router.
    2. swaped routers with another good working one.
    3. tried resetting the router many many times.
    4. tried setting both PC's to automatically obtain IP addresses.
    5. changed the cat5 RG45 cable going from the router to the second computer. (30-35 feet long)
    6. swapped NIC's from both computers.
    7. tried removing the network connection and starting a new one.
    8. tried changing the connection type of the NIC from Autosense to 10BaseT (twistedpair) to 10BaseT Full Duplex.
    9. upgraded the firmware for the Linksys router

    none of the above things tried above helped.

    what i have found to accually work was i physically took my second computer down to the basment and put it right beside the other computer. i connected it to the router using a shorter cat5 RG45 cable and it works perfectly! no dissconects at all.

    i called Linksys tech support and they told be the router is working and it sounds like a cable connection problem. but i have gone over the cables over and over again many times.

    as far as i know i have never changed any settings on my computer or for the router in a long time.

    would changing the NIC to a diffrent brand help? i dont know if that would work because i swaped both NIC's from each computer and the problem still exists.

    would changing the NIC settings help at all? what should i have some of the settings set at?

    is there anyone else who experienced somthing like this before?

    any tips? help?

    thanks in advance!

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    It does sound like a cabling problem for sure, you might try diabling DHCP and giving each machine a static IP address.
    Is there any sorce of interference that may be affecting the long run to the second computer?
    Does it run near the electrical panel, or fridge or airconditioner???
    I've had similiar problems with cat5 before also, Might take it down to the basement and try a couple long cables and try and sort it out before you carry it back up. Running up and down sucks.
    When you get it sorted, pull the working cable up and move the machine.

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    there is nothing in the way of the cable that will interfear with the cable signal.

    this is the second cat5 cable i'm using and they both are having this problem.

    and right now each machine has thier own IP addresses........

    any other ideas?

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    Next step may be to swap the network cards in the two machines to see if there's any way it's a local hardware problem. If the problem returns, you may be looking at a software configuration problem instead.

    Also, consider completely uninstalling the network on XP on the computer you are having difficulty with. Then reinstall. If you have a NETSETUP.EXE disk from your original install on the good machine, you might want to reinstall using that.

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    well i ended up buying a new 3com 10/100 NIC that didnt help much. so i went to home depot and bought some 1/2" PVC pipe and covered up the entire length of the cat5 cable outside the house and it seems to be working great now.

    it must have been picking up some interfearence from somthing but i dont know what...............all i know is that it's working fine now.

    thanks for all your suggestions.

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    I had been having the same issue even with 1.47 firmware. What I did was disable "File print sharing & Client for MS networks". Now everythng works fine. Downside IF we want to LAN only we have to turn everything back on.

    Hope this helps,


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