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Thread: Read this: Do something more than just play games with your powerful processor!

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    Post Read this: Do something more than just play games with your powerful processor!

    This is not a scam, i just cut and paste form another forum! just to share with you guys!


    go to (Under "Volunteer Your PC") and read what's it all about.

    Basically they're into drug (the good stuff lah), cancer and gene research. and they've come up with a rather smart idea. to use the million desktop PCs arnd the world to help them do all the data processing, instead of spending cash on supercomputers and stuff.

    It's for a good cause, it's not a scam (Intel endorses it and i read in today's Straits Times abt Intel endorsing such a program)and you can earn points for stuff the more data you process for them.

    The faster your PC, the more data you can crunch, the more points you earn. I've got a PII-333 with 128mb RAM and it;s only rated 24 out of the 100 for their "perfect" P4 system with 394mb of RAM hahah.

    and u don't have to be online all the while. you just download a data packet and it'll work i nthe background. But i have to say it takes a while (the 1.8mb data packet i downloaded is still only 3% done after almost 2 hrs!!) but it doesn't really affect system performance. i still have lots of other programs running and it's still ok. kay maybe not with Counter-Strike but anything else should be ok.

    I admit i have no idea what data it's processing (it's really cheem chemistry) but they nice guys at UD have created a info screen where u can see the molecules and whatever being processed. (Under "Volunteer Your PC")

    Read abt it, try it, and tell all your friends about it. It's for a good cause.

    If you're like me, with a constant connection, and u leave your PC on almost 24hrs a day, don't waste its potential when you're out of the house! do something with ur $1000 chip man!

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    i'm beginning to think this stuff is a scam. they use our computers to make them all kinds of money. lets say for example they find a cure for cancer, who do you think would get the money for that cure, or majic drug? us, no way!

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    All these 'share your PC' schemes are a scam by Microsoft so they can scan your PC's for pirated software.
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    lighter, we at Speedguide are quite active at such programs already. Check the link in my signature for example. For folding@home, we're currently in 8th place (Team Stats), and should be 7th sometime today.

    Welcome to speedguide


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    IF THEY FIND A CURE we would all benifit from that discovery.
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