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Thread: WinMe and not working config.sys

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    WinMe and not working config.sys

    Some days ago I tried and installed WinMe in a machine, everything worked fine until I tried to isntall and old HP scanner (ScanJet IIC) that needs some lines put into the config.sys.
    As you know (and I do know now) WinMe seems to ignore tha file, in fact every time I tried it deletet the lines I put into it.
    There must be a way to make it work. Anyone has an idea?

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    What is the path that you are navigating to for your config.sys? I asked because I was able to do the Win98se and ME Memory Tweak on the vcache by adding vcache lines. i.e. C:\windows>system.ini (configuration file). Is that the file you're trying to edit?
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    The problem I had was with the interface (semi-SCSI) drivers that loaded from config.sys. I went out and bought a *real* SCSI card, and everything works like a charm. The bonus is that I can now attach other devices (like an external Zip drive) in the chain.

    I know it's not the solution you want, but it's one way around the problem.

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    I haven't had to deal with legacy files like config.sys and autoexec.bat since the Win98 days, as ME never really caught on in the business class world.

    How are you editing the config.sys where you think it's not taking the changes? Notepad? Should be in the path C:\config.sys

    Can just make a file from scratch if it's not there, also in Windows Explorer, make sure it's showing all files, including system. And the full path, so if you make it, you don't have config.sys.txt
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    Hello to everyone and thanks for your replies:
    The exact problem is that I put the line needed by the HP Scanjet to work into my Winme config.sys
    ( the line is : DEVICE=C:\DESKSCAN\SJII.SYS)
    Then I save the changes and reboot. At this moment Windows deletes the content of config.sys. When I check the file I find nothing. The file still exist in my root directory, but it is blank.
    This behaviour has got to do with Microsoft wanting to hide DOS from users. But there has to be an alternative way to do things.
    Ideas welcome.


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