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Thread: Need Some Help ASAP!!!!

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    Need Some Help ASAP!!!!

    OK, here's the situation:

    1 Customer owns 2 buildings and they're 400' apart. Wants to setup a wireless LAN between the 2 buildings, problem is I dunno the max distance on the 802.11/b standard, argh, I'll be learning something new on this install. Anybody gotta clue and a few pointers and/or suggestions on products to help a brotha out with this? Thanx.

    Each site has only 1 non-networked PC with no WAPS or wireless NICS

    Also, my boss wanted to know if they make WAPS that have a port so that you can connect an external antenna to it to extend the range.
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    Check your original post-

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    You can make an antenna out of a Pringles can and get good range or do a search on Google for 2.4 GHz antenna.

    NoCat is a good resource too.

    400 feet is too far without an antenna, you may get little signal, but it won't be reliable enough for constant data transmissions.

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    A cat 9 cord should work
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