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Thread: scanner trouble - need help

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    Question scanner trouble - need help

    I have a HP scanjet 5100C which i have used for three years now. For the past few days it has started giving trouble while scanning. The black belt whick moves the flourescent lamp thingy back and forth seems to have a snag. So the lamp moves with a heavy jerky motion and the scans dont work.

    Is this something that I can fix myself? I couldn't figure out how to open up and look inside. Are there any helpful websites that could provide info on how to fix a scanner?

    I could buy a new scanner cheap, but I spent $350 on this clunker and hence i am a little reluctant to part with it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had a similar problem with my HP3200c. I ended up just buying a new Epson scanner. I did take it apart and determined it was a control circuit problem. Not worth the effort to fix considering the cost of a new scanner that will give you much better resolution and color reproduction.
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    how long ago did you get it? if you call HP they will troublshoot, and if its still underwarranty, pick it up, fix it, and return it, all free

    they did that with my HP ScanJet 6200C
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    after 3 years i doubt it's still under warranty altho that's good advice.. usually hp gives a 1 year i think.. you probably need to get another scanner.. most of the $100-150 scanners now-a-days will scan as well as or better than the one you currently have. good luck


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    Thanks for the suggestions. The warranty has already expired. It is funny how HP products die just after the warranty expires. I had a HP printer that went belly up a couple of months after the warranty expired. I had an extended warranty on the scanner, but the warranty also just expired and the store that I bought it from (computer city) has gone too.

    I will steer clear of HP products after these two incidents. They cost way too much money and provide way low quality. Between the printer and the scanner, I have lost about $700 to HP.

    This teaches me two lessons:
    1. Do not buy expensive products. I was under the impression that "More money = Better quality".
    2. Stay away from HP products. I was under the impression that "Brand name = Better quality"


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