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Thread: Cox HSI and Netgear RP114 router

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    Cox HSI and Netgear RP114 router

    ok, heres the deal. I have a netgear router model RP114 running onto a linksys cable modem. When i hook the modem directly to one computer it will work fine. but i have noticed that the cable light (meaning the modem and the provider are communicating) will blink a few times before cutting off the service if i have the router hooked up. is cox scanning or in some other way finding out i have a router hooked up? and if so can i block or spoof it so that they will not know? i would like to get this running ASAP and im very disappointed in Cox for doing this.

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    did you put in your MAC address of your nic in the setup on the router

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    yep sure did. its spoofed to appear as the same one on the host

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    I noticed some trouble using a router with Cox also. Asked them bout it, and they said there's some unusual problem with routers and DHCP.
    The cable modem somehow shares it's IP with your device (whether modem or PC), and it uses DHCP to get the address from Cox. Somehow the modem can get confused and get th address from your router, which makes it unable to talk to cox. I don't really understand how that actually works, but I'm getting ready to look into it.

    Cox "doesn't support routers" so they don't have any offical answers, but here's what the guy said to do:
    shut off the router.
    flip the power on the cable modem
    wait until the "cable" light is solid
    turn the router on again.

    that should give the modem a chance to get it's IP from cox without interference. Worked for me last night.

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    Try setting the DNS's manually. I have a 314rt and have used cox for years without a problem.

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    No problems using a router at all.

    I use a Asante. You can unplug everything for a few and turn back on.
    I put my nic # for the router mac#.
    You can also force a new IP by turning off for about 10 minutes and firing everything up at once.
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    For some odd reason netgear routers won't work with RR, as mine would not work but i bought a linksys router and it works great. I know of several people around my area that their netgears won't work.


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