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    n00b Question

    Hey Im wanting to put a few fans in my computer but I got some rather dumb questions...

    1. how do I know what mm I need so it will fit in my comp...
    2. Do the fans come with some kind of mounting kit?


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    Most "Case" fans will be a standard size either 80x80x25, 92x92x25, 60x60x25, or like 120x120x38. Now I belive the most commonly used size is the 80x80. That's what I put in the back of my case when I built it and it fit right in to the grill that was already there. If you get a larger sized fan or your grill is larger/smaller you may have to do some case modifications.

    Mounting-Depending on what you buy and where will determine what accesories you need. My panaflo 80x80 came without a tailplug or any mounting screws. So in order to install it I had to get 4 tapered head screws and 4 pin adapter for the tail (so I could plug it in). The screws I actually got send along with the fan were too short so I had to go to the local hardware store and buy some longer ones. Ideally you'll want tapered, flat-head screws for installing the fan.
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