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Thread: AVG & the "Play All" Feature in XP

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    AVG & the "Play All" Feature in XP

    Hi Guys,
    I got the problem in Windows XP, where if you go to "My Music" folder then to "Music Tasks" in the left hand panel/menu the "Play All" and "Play Selected" Doesn't work.
    I've seen this problem posted many times on forums but with no real answer, even after people re-installin, contactin Microsoft etc Until today i came across this post on the Microsoft Newsgroup

    Subject: Play All & AVG. Attachments: None
    From: "Paul Woodsford" <> Sent: 4/23/2002 2:01:31 PM

    After 2 months of almost daily e-mails with Microsoft Support we have
    finally found that AVG, the free antivirus program from, stop
    the " Play All " and " Play Selection " function, part of the My Music
    folder functionality.
    I am able to play any media file with WM8 but the above " Play All "
    function does not work at all. However uninstalling AVG and hey presto "
    Play All " works as intended.

    Do all users of AVG on this forum have this problem ?

    Do any users on this forum without AVG have this problem?

    I've E-mailed AVG myself with the problem so will keep you all updated with any response I get.
    Hopefully they or Microsoft will find a fix for this.

    I'd hate to stop using AVG but would also find this feature in XP very useful !!
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    Good point aletank.
    I can't answer your specific question (maybe others can), as I don't use AVG under XP... I use Norton's Corp. Pro. Edition 2002 for all my XP installations.
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