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Thread: Places to NOT buy from!

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    Originally posted by MikeyMan
    Inflow Direct.. another Yahooooooooooe store.

    Their policies for RMA / return suck. If you open the package, you can't RMA it. If something is DOA and you try to install it to see if it's DOA, they aren't going to take it back.

    I ordered a Swiftech MCXC370 with a Delta fan...

    The thing came in a box, wrapped in plastic bubble stuff only. The bottom of the heatsink looked like was keyed, had to lap it, no big deal. I could of returned it then and there, but I was going to lap it anyhow.
    The only documentation was the invoice, which they had a few spelling airs.

    I tried to install it.. didn't fit on the motherboard. Ok, I play around with the board and MAKE it fit on there. Nearly cracked the core and broke the mobo.

    It ran like junk, 56C at full load and still was rising. I reinstalled it a FEW times and still kept getting crap results. My Thermaltake Volcano 5 kept it at 39C at full load! I got an RMA for it... I sent it last week.. Pittsburgh to New Jersey. No e-mail, no call, nothing.

    The only thing good was they shipped it the same day UPS ground and I got it 2 days later. Still waiting on my exchange for a Thermalright SK-6 since they WON'T give me my money back...

    They're ok, as long as you know the dang thing is going to work and you can redo the finish!

    I bought a couple things from there... nothing wrong as of yet...

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    i never bought anything from yahoo store(s) reason bein they always had a bad rep towards them and im not willing to risk anything...

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    Two days ago I recieved my computer from well it wasn't till around 9:00 last night I got it booted up. Since I do not feel like retyping my complaint letter to them. You can have it:


    My name is Ryan Buckley and it is just short of a miracle that I am writing you this letter on on my brand new system purchased from your company on June 11th 2004. Yesterday at around 4:30 June 29th 2004 I recieved this PC. The computer was mildly late but was the least of my concerns as I began to set it up. As I booted my PC I realized even though I was not supposed to recieve a copy of Windows XP or an operating system of any sort for that matter, a copy of Windows XP Home Edition was already installed. I went on to format the drive and reconfigure the raid setup to clear the harddrives. As I went on I noticed the system was only recognizing one harddrive. After about 4 hours of starring at the screen and about 5 phone calls after that I had found that not only had the harddrives been mounted improperly, if you could say they were mounted at all but the primary harddrive was not fully connected to the motherboard. An hour went buy as I fought to mount the drives and rebuild the PC. After doing so I booted the PC once again to find the system was now recognizing two drives. I began to install Windows XP Pro putting in the floppy with the correct ATA SERIAL RAID drivers as requested to find out the computer was not reading the floppy disks.
    I tried countless numbers of drives and floppy disks. To find today that once again a plug was missing and no power was being brought to the floppy drive. Among all of this even the neon light which I ordered for my PC was mounted incorrectly AND the 10/100 NETWORK CARD which I orderd was not installed or anywhere to be found.

    I orderd from your company because I do not have the knowledge or the time to build a system of my own by hand. I paid the extra money (estimate: $200) buying all of the parts from YOUR company and having them assembled by your technicians (however much you may charge for that as well) just to find myself rebuilding the system anyway which took a good two days to do? That is outrageous and I strongly believe I should be awarded a discount or credit of some sort after all the trouble I have gone through. I have spent nearly $4000 on products from your company in the last two years and strongly recommended you to friends and family after my first purchase in Decemer 2003. I am disgusted with the service I have recieved and hope you take great notice to this e-mail.

    Somewhat summed up. I had some more on there but mainly personal info about my order and contact information. This was by far the worst experience I've had with any online retailer. I would never even consider spending another dime with this company.

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    I also ordered parts from, came out to $109.40

    Seems 2 days after I ordered one of my products went out of stock.. even though their products update every 1-2 hours.. Every thing seems "ok" after that.. I had to buy the product elsewhere (doesnt make me happy)...

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    I also bought from or and have to say I am VERY unsatisfied with their PCs. I ordered the PC about Decemeber 23 and needed it overnighted for Christmas. I paid the $109 for the overnight shipping, and hope that it comes. Well, I didn't recieve the PC until a week later, and upon setting it up for my son, I find that the audio card driver was not installed(I Ordered it with WinXP Pro installed).. no problem, but after installing the network card driver, the computer kept rebooting itself every two minutes or so. Then, after rebooting about 5 times, it can't find any drivers for the components in the PCI slots. I finally returned it and got my money back..

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    Took them almost a month to ship out my ATI silencer. And another week to get here. Not a very good experiance and the packaging was horrible. Atleast I got what I paid for, but steer clear!

    I orderd it and it said it was in stock, the next day it was magicaly OUT OF STOCK! Customer support was shi**y and homebrew too!
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