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Thread: A ticket to fun!

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    A ticket to fun!

    Step 1 - Take two codeine pills for sprained ankle.

    Step 2 - Close office door, insert Bjork CD "Post" into tray.

    Step 3 - Set visualization to "Battery: Randomization"

    Step 4 - Turn up volume, maximize vis screen

    Total fun - 46 minutes 15 seconds of company time.

    Cost to company - $28.15 in wages (not including fringe benefits), 16 cents in electricity. Undetermined costs associated with lost productivity caused by the department head setting a poor example of how to spend time at work.

    Oh well.....
    When they kick at your front door, how you gonna come? With your hands at your head, or the trigger of your gun?

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    Step 1, take two Vicodin for bad back

    Step 2, leave for job at clients office

    Step 3, pretend to be stuck in construction traffic

    Step 4, detour through French Quarter to watch pretty braless wonders

    Step 5, actually do a little work

    Step 6, pretend to get stuck in traffic again

    Step 7, detour to lakefront to watch tanning ladies

    Step 8, post useless nonsense at SpeedGuide

    I really like my job
    Sliding down the banister of life ..........................


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