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Internet/Network Connection Tuning Tips
003. Fine tune Internet connection speed: Tip on changing QoS parameter.
004. Further fine tune Internet access speed: Tip on improving DNS resolution.
012. Want to enhance Network throughput? Try out this tip.
026. Further speedup broadband cable internet connection
042. One more way to fine tune internet explorer load time
052. Tuning up MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) to speed up internet access
053. Enable automatic path MTU size detection and improve internet throughput
055. Running into internet connection problem ? clean TCP/IP stack may be your solution
058. Another tweak to boost up network application performance. Change thread priority
082. Remove unnecessary Scheduled Tasks scan and make Internet Explorer load faster
098. Increasing number of connections per http server
099. Load Outlook Express faster. Stop Outlook express logo screen from poping up

System Security Tuning Tips
027. Avoid download of file attachments that may have virus infections
056. Are you using an computer that is accessed by more than one ? Secure your privacy
057. Gain temp access to Administrative priviledges even if you are not logged in as Administrator
068. Lock knownDLLs' list and make your computer a bit more safer
072. Protect yourself from denial of service attacks: UPnP weakness in Windows XP
102. Secure your computer: Enable Advanced File System Security Options
125. Securing your WINDOWS XP computer
139. Enable 5th zone setting in Internet Explorer 6.0

System Performance Tuning Tips
011. Start menu is slow in responding? Want to boost response time of start menu ?
018. Having problems with new install ? Like to restore your system quickly?
019. Having problem with slow boot time or is it taking long to resume ?
020. What to do with "the system has recovered from a serious error......" error ?
021. Installed Windows XP on the same volume as old OS?
025. DVD-RAM model supported in XP but not being recognized or being recognised as CD-ROM?
031. If you have a lot of RAM, do you really need swap file?
032. How to boost XP speed by by changing real time clock priority?
033. Reduce IO and increase turnaround time which means faster computer !
034. Correctly set your level 2 cache and improve performance
039. How to improve on shutdown time ? Close apps automatically & quickly at shutdown
040. Speedup boot up sequence by defragmenting all key boot files
045. Enable write caching on disk and improve disk performance
046. MFT (Master File Table) manipulations to improve disk performance
047. Improve system performance and by disabling DOS 8.3 naming convention
050. Set the low level hook timeout and stop certain programs from crashing or becoming unstable
059. Make a habit of cleaning prefatch data once a month
062. Have a IDE drive ? Improve disk performance by changing to DMA access mode
065. Low on disk space and do not use windows XP's hibernate feature ?
067. Do you want Windows to unload DLLs immediately ?
069. Improve computer performance by reducing EFS cache validation
081. How to alter behavior of system restore facility
083. If you have a faster hard disk, keep your pagefile.sys on that
084. Make Windows XP load frequently used programs in quickly accessible location
087. Enable UDMA/66 mode on IDE Channels
092. Optimize your XP Pro system by tweaking service manager ? Remove unnecessary services !
093. Improve speed of of file search in WINDOWS XP PRO operating system.
094. Troubled by IE crashing unexpectedly for no reason? Launch it in its own process
100. Run your Windows Desktop in its own process environment
101. Run Windows Explorer in its own process. Avoid Total Explorer Crash
103. Define a logical value for System Cache
106. Automatically kill non-responding application at shutdown
107. Improve Shutdown. lets not save your active session's settings on exit
113. Activate Automatic Boot Disk Optimization
129. Using third part defrag utility ? Make it defrag all files
130. Speedup boot time by improving NTFS check
132. What is Master Bood Record ? How to fix problems with master boot record/boot loader process
133. How to write a new partition boot sector to the system partition
137. How to rollback a device driver ?
138. Windows XP Command Line Reference
142. Disable XP warning on low disk space ?
143. Improve system performance by diabling last access/update feature

System Customization Tips
001. Not sure of website address and want to try out all possible options ?
002. Attention LAPTOP Users ! Do your eyes a favor, use Clear Type Fonts.
005. Want to remove shared documents folder from My Computer window ?
006. Want to have more options in the Add/Remove program list ?
009. Have tendency to forget passwords ? Want a solution that will help you get back in business ?
010. Want to change font size of Internet Explorer content on the fly ?
013. Change the default search engine in Internet explorer?
015. How to remove recycle bin from your desktop ?
016. How to create a XP Bootable Disk?
017. Being forced to reinstall but want to avoid reactivation?
022. NetMeeting does not open up quickly or not at all?
023. Reduce keystrokes by pressing CTRL key while entering web address.
028. Heard of Atomic Clocks? or NIST ? Here is a tip on accurately setting your computer clock
035. Do you know you can have Virtual Desktops (like in Linux) with PowerToys ?
036. How to login as administrator if you don't see it available ?
037. How to avoid password entry at startup ?
038. How to stop "new programs installed" ballon from poping up ?
041. Create your own customized legal notice at Windows XP StartUp
043. Customize Internet Explorer title bar
044. Are you a MP3 fan ? Add ability to rip MP3 songs in Windows Media Player 8
048. Customize Login Prompt with your own words!
051. Having problems with Outlook express ? Does it ask for password everytime you connect?
054. How to avoid auto play of CD ? Way I like best
061. Do you know how to add/delete entries in Control Panel ? Heard about CPL extension ?
063. Working in command environment ? Avoid keystrokes - use TAB key
064. Customizing Windows Explorer Context menu or (your right click menu in windows explorer)
066. How to make autodisconnect work for internet explorer ?
070. Customize your Start Menu setting and preferences
071. How to Add a Control Panel Tool to a Category : Tips on customizing categories
077. Prevent a Program From Being Displayed in the Most Frequently Used Programs List
078. Having trouble with MSDOS program ? Tips on troubleshooting
079. Create your own popup menu from TASK BAR
080. Change default directory of Windows Explorer
095. Don't want Num Lock to be switched on at boot time ? Shut it off
096. Modify color selection of default theme
097. Are you a high end gamer ! Accelerate your mouse
104. Control parsing of autoexec.bat
105. Disable default capability of Windows XP to open the compressed/zipped folder
108. Disable use of Win key
109. AutoReboot whenever Windows XP experiences BSOD (Blue Screen of Death!)
110. Laptop/portable computer users ! Undock without logon
111. Selectively clean the history of START-RUN list
112. Customize task bar grouping
114. Restrict certain users from running an application
115. Do not let Regedit remember last changed key
116. How to use program aliases ?
117. How to disable MSN Messenger from loading up whenever you start Outlook Express
118. Change alignment of Start Menu panel
119. Customize windows explorer's default search
120. Get back to old days, see the file attributes in Windows Explorer
121. Stop a user from changing Start Menu
122. Control Scrolling or Cascading behaviour of Start Menu
123. How to enable/disable thumbnail cache
124. Disable default CD Burning capability
126. How to disable images using Outlook express
127. How to restart Windows without restarting your computer
128. How to print content of directory
131. How to kill the IE About windows that popup from time to time
134. How to change the text in START Button in task bar ?
135. How to disable screen saver in Windows XP ?
136. How to stop XP from displaying unread messages count on Welcome Screen?
144. How to enable/disable command prompt extension ?
145. Do you hate that "Local Area Connection A network cable is unpluged" or MSN-Messenger icon in your System Tray and want to get rid of that ?
146. How do I get Volume Control icon in system tray that is available with all earlier version of Windows ?
147. Enable drag and drop operation to add custom menu links to Start Menu

Other Miscellaneous Tuning Tips
007. How to verify XP software you bought is OEM/UPGRADE/RETAIL?
008. Group Policy Editor: Extremely powerful tool in Microsoft XP Operating System.
014. Heard of Microsoft Platform Support Reporting Tool?
024. Why sending a file does not work in MSN messenger if NAT is installed ?
029. Do you know there are two command shell environments in XP ? which one is better ?
030. Ever wondered how come you get into those HTML error pages ? Want to customize them?
049. Where does Window's ProductId get stored?
060. How to determine a 16 bit application from a 32 bit application ?
073. How startup programs get loaded in Windows at boot time ? Run keys of Windows Registry
074. Have you seen those annoying searches for broken shortcuts/links ? Need a remedy ?
075. Want to move a Windows XP Installation to Different Hardware. How to do that ?
076. Do you have a problem with your Video ? Always going in VGA MODE ?
085. Surfing the web ? Find related website easily and quickly
086. How is the Icon color depth and Size information controlled ?
088. Save electricity ! Specify the typical role for your computer.
089. Private information about who is logged on your computer at a time.
090. Does your computer forgets to power off after shutdown ?
091. Have you been asked to insert Windows XP CD everytime you install a new software ?
140. Are you annoyed by XP asking for registration again & again ?
141. Turn off the descriptions that poppup when you place the cursor on windows object

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