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Thread: connection fluctuates

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    connection fluctuates

    I don't know any other way to describe it, and I don't know where I should post this. I'm having troubles with my connection all of a sudden. It started happening yesterday. This is the type of stuff that is happening.

    -ftp transfer speeds go up and down and time out...I get a "connection reset by peer" all the time

    -when streaming music it keeps cutting out and having to re-buffer

    -http dl's timeout all the time

    -webpages loading slow (sometimes)

    -when playin Ghost Recon I warp in the game and sometimes move around with out controling it...this is on fast servers too.

    non of these problems ever occured before 2 nights ago. I think it's a hacker. What I'm hoping to find is someone that recognises these probs and knows exactly what they did and how to fix it. I got 2 trojan detaction programs and they did find something...but I cleaned it up...but still these problems. The 2 proggies I got are Swat It and Trojan Defense Suite 3 (trial). If you can help me, thanks in advance. PEACE!
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    Re: connection fluctuates

    Originally posted by JubeiDOK
    I got 2 trojan detaction programs and they did find something...
    What were the trojans detected by those programs? Did you make sure that those trojans don't have dplicated copies in the system set to run automatically after a reboot? Have you run a virus check yet?
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