ok here's the deal. i have a geforce 2 mx 400,as said in the subject and well, in half-life counter-strike, and team fortress classic i get like 40-50 frames per second on average and it drops to 20 sometimes and i lag. this is with an amd athlon 1.4 ghz, 512mb ddr ram, and soyo k7-ada motherboard with all the recent drivers and bios. i also freeze sometimes in the middle of a tony hawk 3 game and same goes for global ops.

does anyone know what the deal is? whether it's my motherboard or my gfx card? i think that it might be my motherboard considering that my old computer was 733mhz 448mb sdram and it ran CS and TFC at 80-100 fps avg and it had a voodoo3 3000.

i don't want to have to buy both a new motherboard and a new gfx card so im hoping to figure out whats wrong before hand so i just have to buy one or the either. any help would be great.