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Thread: hard drice jumper settings, opinions

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    hard drive jumper settings, opinions

    Use "cable select" or not? reasons.

    This is more to help give me ammo in an argument I am having with anuther tech.
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    Well it depends. If a harddrive is used on the same channel as a zip or cd then master/slave will cause the least problems. For 2 Hd on same channel, especially RAID cable select is best.
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    Depends on the motherboard. Cable Select is usually used when the drive is the only device on that channel. When you have two devices, you must do the master/slave relationship. But on most mobo's, when solo....use CS. Sure it works fine if you put a device as Master if by itself, I believe the only difference you'll have is the system will take a second longer on bootup, since it see's a master will hunt for a second and wait for a slave drive to announce itself.
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    Worth reading if you have doubts.......


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