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Thread: Cable Modem - Network/Router Issues!!!

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    Cable Modem - Network/Router Issues!!!

    I recently had a pt-to-pt T-1 line, and due to a cost issue (ie $600) per month I had to cancel the point and resume cable modem status. Unfortunately all of my settings were configured to my office location where I got my internet access from. Anyway, I can't seem to get my XP Pro laptop configured to access the web or the lan.....Where do I start? I have the cable modem connected to the WAN port of the Linksys router, and then the other workstations connected into the other lan ports of the router. However, when I go into Internet Options of IE, and keep the config the same, (never dial a number) I can't access the web or the other computers. This is very frustrating, can anyone please help??? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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    Have you checked the tcp/ip settings on the workstations?They all need to be set up dynamically. I am not sure how computer savvy you are,however, if you need assistance on how to check that just let us know.Sounds like the modem is connected correctly.Have you been to the main config page of the router?You type in the ip address in the address bar of you browser,usually something like and it takes you there.Make sure the WAN is set up to get ip automatically and that the LAN is set up to DHCP and you should be good to go.

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    First you need to reset the router, press the reset button for just a momemt with a paper clip . You should set the router up with only one computer hook to it .you can add the others after it is set up.
    Unplug the cable modem for about 30 sec. and plug it back in. then start your browser and clear the address box . and type in that will open up a box leave the user name field empty and type in password ( admin ) that should get you fix need to put in the domain name and your IP address and then save the setup . then you can add the other computers. that about it


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