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Thread: telecommunication problems?

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    Angry telecommunication problems?

    Even if all of this is not true, I can empathize with the author about the frustrations with dealing with Qwest and other telecommunication I'm sure you can, if you ever had problems with these companies....
    taken from lockergnome....but since I also have Qworst, I know exactly how this guy feels...

    Qwest Problems
    Scribbled by Jake Ortman
    "You're not the only one that had nasty Qwest problems...I had them at about the same time!
    "I do tech support for a software company based out of Lincoln, Neb. Since I don't want to live in Lincoln (nice town, I just have roots here), I work from my home in Bend, Oregon. I called Qwest at the beginning of March, expressed to them my intention to move to my new home on April 15th and that it was critical that since I take support/help calls directly to my phone number, I need to keep downtime to a minimum. At the time, I also told them I wanted to turn my current two-line service into their new Two Line Custom Choice, as it would save me a few bucks. The phone rep said that was fine, sent through the order (or so I thought) and said we were good to go on April 15th. I get into my new house on April 10th, verify that the wiring in the house is all wired correctly from the junction box on the outside of the house (so that Qwest can't blame it on that).
    "April 15th rolls around, I plug in a phone, no phone service. I call Qwest, they tell me they'll send a service rep out that afternoon. I was there all rep.
    "I call back that evening, talk to someone else, and they say 'We have records that someone was out there today.' 'I've been here all day,' I told them, 'and nobody's been here.' 'We'll send somebody out in the morning, sir.' Lovely....
    "Next afternoon comes. Qwest still didn't show up. Went back to my old house to see if I could get access to my phone line so I could redirect calls to my cell phone (which, luckily, isn't being managed by those shmucks). I couldn't get into the house, but I knew I could get into the phone line junction box on the outside to make a call from the line, if need be. And when I get there, what do I see hanging from the doorknob and from the box? Qwest's 'We tried to service your phone lines but you weren't home' notices, each dated the last two days. So Qwest was going to wrong house, despite me confirming my address when I talked to the lady before.
    "So I managed to get my phone number redirected to my cell phone so I could at least work (no charge for incoming minutes, thankfully). I call Qwest back (it's now the 17th) and explain to them that they went to the wrong house. She reads my address back to me, I confirm that it's correct, and she had no explanation why they went my old house (I later called their service dept. via a number I had, and discovered that their computers in the different depts. update at intervals so when the order was made, my old address was put in as the new address hadn't been updated in the system yet, or some other [stuff]).
    "But it wouldn't even matter that the address was not correct. I asked the lady I was talking to when my phone lines will be setup at my house, she said that they should be working tomorrow morning.
    "The next morning comes, nothing. I call back, immediately asked for a supervisor, and explained to him all the [crap] I've dealt with in the last week or so, and asked if my original March order still exists. Apparently it was never put into the system properly, so my move and service upgrade order never even got put in properly. He said it'd take 24 hours (so the next morning) before the order would be able to be put in and cleared (as he 'put a rush' on the order, like that's supposed to speed things up...they should put a rush on EVERY order...shmucks).
    "OK, tomorrow morning comes, and I get a dial tone! And it's my business line! Woohoo! However, no voicemail or any of the other features I pay for were on there. That, and I couldn't seem to find where the main home phone line was. And the freaky thing was that I went out to my phone junction box on my house, plugged a phone into each of the test plugs, and didn't get a dial tone.
    "So I call Qwest yet again. 'So how come I can get a dial tone in the house, but can't on my junction box on my house? Where the hell is this phone line coming from?' It's an old house, so it very well could've been hard-wired (which it was) but I sure as hell couldn't find out where. First, they blamed me and said it was a wiring problem. I told them to just get me a rep out here who's more technical than you, and I can explain to him what I need.
    "A couple days later, a rep finally gets out there (they went to my old house again once). I explained to him what was going on, and wanted to figure out where the hell my phone lines came into the house. I could do the wiring, I just needed to know where the phone line was coming from. He was stumped to, as he couldn't even find the phone number on our local fiber box. After much testing, he found an old US West box, in my neighbors property buried under a pile of garbage, that was serving one of the phones to the house (while he was there, he got my other phone line working on my main box). So it ended up that I had one phone line coming from one place, and another from my neighbors garbage pile. Lovely.
    "I had him rewire it to my main box, and that got both phone lines working fine (still had issues getting the voicemail and other custom choice features setup, and it took another 3 days before those were all up and going).
    "Total time, 2 weeks until I had both lines functioning in my house. Considering I made the order 6 weeks before I moved, you'd think they'd have enough time to get it right, but obviously not.
    "About a week after I got everything setup, I got a bill for $250 in the mail. Back on the phone again (and, sadly, I had their various numbers memorized at this point). Got it cleared up, and after talking to some supervisors and explaining the crap I've had to deal with and rattling off the names of the people at Qwest, dates, and times of my phone calls, I got the money knocked clear off my bill.
    "My tips for dealing with the [jerks]: Hit zero several times once you get their phone menu, as that'll connect directly to a human instead off all their computerized crap (that tip actually works with most of those kinds of systems). Second, write down the name of the person you talked to, and the date/time, so that when you call back you can say 'I talked to John on 4/15, and he said this would be fixed today.' One, that makes it the customer service reps responsibility to follow through and make sure what they tell me is going to get done, otherwise their supervisors are going to hear it from me. Lastly, if you can, avoid Qwest like a plague and go to another local carrier. I live in too small of a town, and there's nothing here (there are a couple options, but their business-related options, and I'm poor :-).
    "On another almost comical note, when I moved in on the 15th I plugged in my cable modem, and I had Internet service instantly. Go figure that the company with more fiber-optic laid in Central Oregon than Qwest would have their stuff together .
    "OK, I'm done now... I just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for the great newsletter, and keep up the great work!"

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    Read this one that happend to my buddy, talk about getting double screwed.
    Simply run adaware, spybot, ZoneAlarm, HijackThis, AVG, update windows daily, have a router, don't open e-mail, turn off action scripting, don't use P2P networks, don't violate EULAs, and wear a condom to get Windows secured.

    People say Linux is alot of work!


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