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Thread: Admin and user, or just admin?

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    Admin and user, or just admin?

    Still setting up my XP.

    Several sites have recommended only using the admin feature when actaually needed, as in changing hardware or user settings. Set up the admin account, then leave it alone and do everything in a user account.

    As opposed to just setting up the admn account and only using that, all the time.

    I don't really share my system with more then maybe 1 or 2 friends that let themselves into my apartment and game.

    How many of you have set up admin AND a user account?

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    I set myself up as an administrator. I don't want to have to log off to make major changes.

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    I have a admin account and a "gamer" account. I also set up a "gamer" hardware profile.

    When I log on as "gamer", I only see the shortcuts and stuff needed for my games. I don't have any other software installed or running for that account that is not needed for playing games.

    By setting up a hardware profile for "gamer", I can disable any services and hardware not needed while playing games. This frees up a lot of ram and cpu cycles that I can use for games.

    Some people even do this for benchmarking, to get that extra edge they need.
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    one user... admin account renamed to myself, guest disabled.
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