hello.. i am fairly new to these forums although i have been reading them closely for the last month now. My computer loads web pages very slowly although i have a cable modem and a fairly fast computer. I would like to find out exactly what i need to do in order to achieve faster loading of web pages for Windows ME. I am new with manually editing my registry but i do know the jist of it. Is there someone who can tell me exactly what i need to do to type in the settings for the registry?

Computer specs- Windows ME, 800 mhz amd duron processor. 192 mb ram, 8 mb video card (it's a piece!), a bad sound card, 40 gig hd 5400. I run on a network behind a Cable/dsl security router, but for my personal computer i opened all the ports that i would like for hosting and what not.

Please help me with the registry settings for Windows ME... thanx