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Thread: Distorted AIM

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    Distorted AIM

    Hey guys. I have a problem with AIM, obviously.
    Well, here's what happens.

    When I connect with another person on AIM or if I do a 'Send File...' to a friend, something weird happens. If it's a direct connect and I sent an image, the image gets all distorted like scrambled cable but if he sends me an image, it's perfectly fine. When I do a 'Send File...', it says that the file was sent successfully but it does not match the original and then the file is corrupted.

    This happens all the time and it happens to everyone I try it with and it's not them because they say it only happens with me. Could this be a problem with my cable? I am also using a router, could this be a problem too?

    Also, I can upload images to a web host and send them in e-mail perfectly fine, it only happens in AIM.

    If anyone could help, that'd be great!


    Sorry guys, didn't realize I already made a post about this problem and someone replied to my other post right after I posted this one, so ignore this one and if you can help, please go to this thread

    Also, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling AIM and it did nothing. I am using Linksys BEFSR41.


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    Uninstall and reinstall AIM.

    Which router?


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