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Thread: April Fools Virus!!

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    April Fools Virus!!

    So, I built a new machine in December for some good friends that my wife and I have. The computer is primarily for the husband and was a much needed upgrade from the used Macintosh Performa we sold them a few years ago.

    He very badly wanted to get a PC as he had seen my office at home packed with 4 computers all networked and running the lastest, greatest and fastest hardware on the planet.

    He's not really a computer literate guy, but he is not afraid to explore the OS and try new things or break them....all in the name of learning. The nice thing is I've really had to provide very little in the way of tech support for him, which is more than I can say for some other friends of mine.

    On Monday (April Fools Day) I get 2 phone calls on my machine at home in the early A.M. starting at 8:00am. I'm not home to get the messages as I'm at work for a meeting on my day off

    He begins to tell me that when he boots his computer he is seeing flashing red squares around the date. Now he isn't the best at explaining things when stuff goes wrong with his computer so I'm still confused as to what is really hapenning, but based on what he's telling me and what day it is I'm guessing it's a virus.

    I can't really do anything till later anyway because he and his wife are up the hill gambling and won't be back till 4:00 or 5:00pm. In the mean time I get together the updated virus definition files for Norton that I put on his machine that I know he hasn't updated since December. I also bring my 'bag-o-tricks' CD that has all my troubleshooting and utility packages.

    5:00pm rolls around and I get a call from him so I head on over with everything to get him up and running again. I arrive and he trys again to explain to me what the problem is before I've even looked at it...I'm still confused as to what it is.

    I sit down at the computer and turn it and the monitor on. Mind you, I haven't pulled the keyboard out yet from underneath the desk. I see the system boot and immediately go to the BIOS and see the flashing red squares around the date - April 1, 2002.

    At this point I know what it is...the DELETE key on the keyboard is stuck. Remember, I haven't even pulled the keyboard out from under the desk yet. Now that I have determined what it is I grab the keyboard and notice that there is a green friendship bracelet laying on the keypad, you know the ones with the plastic clasps.

    I notice now that this clasp is wedged between the ENTER and DELETE key on the keypad. I remove the bracelet and reboot the machine. At this time I still haven't said anything to him about it and begin to chuckle as the system posts and begins to load Windows.

    My friend asks me why I'm laughing and I hold up the bracelet and begin to tell him that it was the root of his problems. Needless to say he felt very stupid and thanked me for getting him up and running again.

    Just thought I would share this cute story with you all

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    good one.... now if anyone can come up with an easy way to make people understand that coffee and keyboards DON'T GO TOGETHER VERY WELL

    glad that the problem your friend had was easy to fix..
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    Don't you wish it was ALWAYS this easy?


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