Those that were here will remember this, those that were not won't. I just remembered I did this as my Joke Last year on April 1st and it got a LOT of people, I got some SERIOUS emails about it too rooofle.

Go to the main page Scroll to the very bottom of the Page and in the Search Box type: Microsoft to Acquire Excite@Home!

Click Search, you will see my original News Post I made a year ago. The Link took you to a thread in the Forum that at that time was UBB so it don't work anymore. I made it look like a proffesional press release and everything

For those that don't wanna do that here it is quoted from the News Post:

Microsoft to Acquire Excite@Home! - posted April 1, 1:16 AM EST by Brent

Wow, this came out of nowhere, I'm so stuned I just don't know what to say

Here's the official Press Release:


Microsoft to Acquire Excite@Home REDWOOD CITY, CA/BOULDER, CO. – April 1, 2001 -- Excite@Home (Nasdaq: ATHM) and Microsoft today announced a definitive agreement in which Microsoft will acquire Excite@Home, the leader in broadband Internet for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. This acquisition of one of the most popular services online increases the reach of Microsoft’s audience. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will begin it’s nationwide move into broadband Internet usage. The formed company name will be Microsoft@Home. This catch phrase will help Microsoft’s move into the home as the primary driving force for software and Internet Access, this is the first move into Microsofts .net strategy.

"Perhaps more than any other site on the Web, has done an incredible job of creating viral spread of software in the home; they are the undisputed leader in the software realm," said George Bell, president, Excite@Home. "Simply on the strength of the appeal of their content, and without any marketing or distribution relationships, has become one of the most popular sites on the Web, with an audience of loyal users that generates huge page views aimed at one URL -- not random surfers. We will continue to support this loyal community with strong differentiated content while offering consumers new services that range from online software distrubution to electronic commerce to broadband services. For Excite@Home, this acquisition promises to be a significant platform for future growth in both narrow and broadband content to generate increases in registered users, @Home broadband subscribers and revenue."

About Excite@HomeExcite@Home (Nasdaq: ATHM) is a global media company based in Redwood City, Calif. Through the company's narrowband portal, Excite (, and broadband services @Home and @Work, the company uniquely offers consumers content and interactive services across both narrowband and broadband. The rich media advertising and database marketing solutions of Enliven ( and MatchLogic ( offer advertisers highly targeted interactive marketing and reporting services across all platforms of delivery. Leveraging the high-speed, always-on attributes of cable, Excite@Home empowers unique multimedia applications that go beyond current Web experiences. The company will combine the Excite brand -- one of the best-known names on the Internet with 70 percent recognition among Web users -- with the @Home broadband service's broad distribution, a worldwide footprint of 67 million cable homes, to deliver on its vision of "All Band, All Device, All the Time." For more investor information about Excite@Home, please call our stockholder services hotline at 1.888.924.9248.


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Was hella funny then heheheh, it fit right in with the things going on at that time.