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Thread: laptop question

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    laptop question

    i got a dell inspiron 8000 and was wondering if there are any video card upgrades available?
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    usually you can't get vid card updates.. you can, however, get a tv tuner via usb.. etc.. reason they don't make pcmcia 3d cards for laptops is that you'd have to copy from the card framebuffer to system mem, and then process, then back to system mem, and card memory again..defeats the purpose of it.. so the performance gain wouldn't be there.. basically it sucks..and wouldn't work right.. so there ya go. no is the answer


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    I'm not too up on all the Dell laptops, but have you checked with Dell? While true most laptops have integrated video cards, therefore are not upgradeable, there are some laptops with video cards that are can option them with upgrades. These types are growing in popularity, so you'll see more and more laptops with upgradeable components where they weren't in the past.
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    In theory... yes. The video adapter on the 8000 and 8100 are removeable, and you would presume..... upgradeable. But, you might end up having a hard time ever identifying the component numbers, and any compatibility issues. There are memory upgrades for the ATI Mobility in yours now, and they are big $$$. The 32mb memory upgrade is something like $ 150.00 !!

    Is the current crop of nVidia GeForce2Go and ATI Radeon 7500's compatible with yours??? Hmmm... better buddy up to a good cust svc rep. There are so many specific issues like screen size; super XGA, or Ultra XGA, that are specific when you order them as options when new, you'd have to assume they pertain to upgrades as well.
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