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    Question Cisco 667

    Hello guys.

    I have a Cisco 667 router and I am trying to run the FTP server on a different port than 21.

    If I let the port on 21 and I set the NAT to redirect all the traffic from 21 (external IP ) to the port 21 on one of the internal IP's all is ok and working fine.

    As soon as I change the port like 2323 external , 2323 Internal the clients can connect but at listing the directoryes they get a timeout message.
    Port 20 redirected also.

    Any ideea how to solve the problem ?

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    Port 20 is the port used to transfer the data and port 21 is used to control the connection. When using a different port you want to also set the control port one number below the data port as long as it is higher than the well known port range of 1-1024.

    So in your example of your FTP you would port forward 2322-2323.


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