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Thread: linksys wireless router packet loss

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    linksys wireless router packet loss

    Ok, i've had this problem for a long time.
    I have two computers set up on a wireless router. One is using the wireless and one is directly hooked up to the router. The router is hooked up to a cable modem.

    Here is my problem:

    Packet loss. I have tried calling tech support but like always they can't help. The packet loss occurs at about 2 minute intervals for about 10 seconds. When adjusting the RWIN settings the packet loss will last longer, but occur less often. This makes me freeze in games, sometimes the web won't respond for a few seconds, and is an all-round pain in the ass.

    I'm trying to set up my comp as the DMZ host, but i'm not too sure if i'm doing it right. the last number of my ip when i go to winipcfg is 101. when i set the DMZ host to this number, it still has packet loss. Are there any settings or configurations that i can do that will fix this? Many people have told me that if i set my comp to DMZ host that it will solve this problem... but so far it does not.

    Any help would be really great.

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    Does the packetloss occur when the modem is attached directly to a computer and that computer has no manual tweaks/registry patches installed?


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