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Thread: LiteOn 40X CDRW vs. Plextor 40X CDRW

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    LiteOn 40X CDRW vs. Plextor 40X CDRW

    Looks like LiteOn comes out the winner and is a bit faster

    and damn, check out the price holy mother of goodness the liteon 40x cdrw is CHEAP, if you need an uprade froma slow cdrw, or you want one period, go get you some
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    Good to see that review, I was getting worried about if I made the right choice between a Plextor 24x and a Lite-On 40x. I just purchased the Lite-On today from Newegg, hopefully everything will hold up.

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    I love my Plextor PXW2410TA !!!

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    I am still undecided between the Plex or Lite on. Both are nice burners. I know some Abit users have problems with Lite on.
    The Plex costs more. Which do you think works best for making backup copies of games?(LEGALLY BOUGHT)
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    According to that review the Lite-On is better for Copy Protected stuff, at least audio anyways. IMO though they are both great drives. The Plextors may cost more, but your getting a great reliable drive.

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    Well I'll make a bump of an older review I did on the Lite 24X burner. It was the best burner out of that period and it still is imho for the price. Though the quality is a bit lacking, in terms of physical apperance, the quality of the parts for burner is second to none. It can do perfect back ups of legal bought games (but you must use the correct software to do so, and the burning software will vary from the different types of copy protection for games and audio.)
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