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Thread: AMD Xp 1700+ is it a Palomino or Athlon?

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    AMD Xp 1700+ is it a Palomino or Athlon?

    Yeah, Upgraded my System!

    Got a Athlon(?)AMD XP 1700+

    I have a Asus A7V266-E Board, One of the First Settings on the Motherboard I need to settle is the "Cpu Type Frequency Setting"

    Jumpers choices are either:

    Athlon/Duron (default) or
    Palomino (which i have it set at)

    I can give more details, but thats about it~

    Is the True name of my Cpu an AMD Palomino or an AMD Athlon?

    Side note: next question i'll ask is about the I/O Voltage Settings
    (manual says ~ these jumpers allow you to select the voltage supplied to the Dram, chipset, AGP, and PCI...)
    Choices are 2.5v / 2.65v / 2.75v / 2.8v

    Confused on that one because, the manual showed 2.65v as default...
    but it was set at 2.8v ~
    Had issues with bad ram(whole other story-got at computer fair), and reset up to the manual default of 2.65v - then a found a 'loose' page they added as an Appendix and on that page it shows 2.8v as the defualt! uggghhh!!! - i'm running at 2.65v but i want the proper voltage...

    System Spec Basics:

    Asus A7V266-E / AMD Xp 1700+ / 256DDR / GeForce3 Ti 2000 / SbLive! Digital / Xp Professional

    THANKS ALOT for any advice~

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    XP is one of the newer generations of Athlon, it was nicknamed the Palomino....but pretty much just called AMD Athlon XP. Similar to the MP variant, the Athlon MP.

    Take a look at

    Like Intels also....many variants of a line, such as P4, and P4a "Northwood", etc. The Intel PIII had "Coppermines", and "Tualatin", etc.
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