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Thread: Change I change OS (win98se) to XP????

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    Change I change OS (win98se) to XP????

    I have a perfectly good working version of windows 98se on my computer and it has NEVER crashed (believe that one..) and I was wondering what would winblows XP do for me better than 98se, or should I scrap the whole idea..... I can get it for free so I was just wondering.

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    My two cents:

    I have both OS's installed (dual booting). I will probably NEVER go without Win98se. Best OS ever. However, WinXp is a great one too. Its (to me anyway) much cleaner, more tweakable, faster, great plug and play, choice of NTFS or FAT32, and just simply is "pretty" to look at. However, it has problems with some software (older stuff mainly), CD autoplay stuff blows (or I am just not setting it correctly), and finding things (folders and such) are a little harder than in Win98, but not a problem after you get a little used to it. Some may find it familiar if they ran Windows 2000, which I did not.
    It really depends on what you are gonna do with your computer, what software you usually use, if you game or not and such.
    For a clean install, you have to install another OS first anyway, so why not go ahead and partition your hard drive (or get a second one) and just keep Win98se as a backup?
    I personally do not recommend WinXp as the ONLY OS installed as of now, but, if it's free, you should at least take a peek.
    Mike W.
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    If its not broke don't fix it....I had both as well and didn't like xp at all. My 98se is flawless and since your use to it much easier to use. If you feel compelled to upgrade Win2K all the way . Just My 2cents.


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