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Thread: DSL settings

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    Question DSL settings

    I switched from Cable to DSL recently and have two questions concerning settings. First, my DSL provider sent out a manual and in that manual under LAN settings it says to check the box "Automatically detect settings". By doing this, what happens? Will it matter either way? On the computer it says by checking this it will overide all manual settings. When I had cable, I never had it checked.

    Also, I have my NIC set at "auto config". It is a 10/100 Sys brand NIC. What should I set this to? I have several choices from10 -100 half/full/auto ect....

    Actually, make it three questions. What would be a good RWIN setting for 768/384 speed?

    Thanks for any help I may receive.

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    I too have checked on my system "Automatically detect settings." I believe this has something to do with the proxies that the DSL provider wants you to use.

    Now, I believe the adapter should be set to auto detect.

    For the RWIN setting, I currently have mine set to 256960.


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