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Thread: Defragging Hard drive

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    Defragging Hard drive

    Hmmm...I have WinXP (NTFS) on one hard drive and Win98se (FAT32) on another. I decided to try a disc defrag using WinXP. WinXP defrag completed, I then selected Win98se hard drive (still in WinXP). It runs the defrag and gives the "Completed" dialogue box.
    Next time I booted up to Win98se, it seemed to be slower than normal. I re-ran the defrag in Win98se. Geez....what a strange looking pattern I saw when I clicked on "details" to watch the defrag process. It took about 5 hours to defrag.
    What gives? Is it because of the NTFS file system in WinXP that caused such a strange arrangement of my data on the Win98 FAT32 disc?
    Mike W.
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    ntfs, and win98

    oh fat file system dosnt play nice in the sand box with ntfs. i learned this the hard way.......dont mix the two. peace

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    Mixing the Two File Structures is not your problem. Because there is programs out there that take care of both.. the problem you are having is you are allowing XP to defrag your win 98 se
    because win 98 defragments your drive and makes it more suitable for Performance. But Ntfs defragments the drive for stability. I decided after using both OS. To just stick with Win 2k and I neglect defrag manually... I let a third party defrag program to do the defraging for me. I'm serious. Microsoft Windows Defragmenter is not all its cooked up to be these days. I use Diskeeper... go to this link and read about what Microsoft says about there own system utilities. ";en-us;Q314848" another interesting place to go for information about Defragmenting of Ntfs and Fat but have you heard of Ntfs for 98? Maybe? ""
    Go there. I wish you luck in finding a solution.


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