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Thread: Installing new nic

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    Installing new nic

    As of right now, I have a DLink nic installed in my ISA slot.... I just installed a Linksys nic in my PCI slot...... the Linksys is set up but I cant connect, so I plugged the cable back into my DLink and I can connect. Whats the deal????? Should I remove the DLink first??? The Linksys came with a brand new cable, would I have to use that? Both cables work. Is there anything I have to do with my @home service? Hopefully not. Thanx in advance.

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    Reboot the modem. It will retain the MAC address of the old nic.

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    take a look in your network neighborhood to see if you have a tcp/ip protocal for your new card. sometimes you have to add it manually. only in some areas do they provision the mac# of your nic card to the account, if so you have to call and give them the info.

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    what o/s are you using win 98 sc or win 95 or windows xp ?
    why would you want to have two cards ? I would take out the ISA card it a 10/ and the PCI card is a 10/100 a much faster card.
    you don't have to used the one they put in.just remove the Isa card and I thank you will find the PCI card will work.


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