I stumped on an assignment for a class I am taking. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or avenues to look at if you have a moment.
I have created 4 vlans (4 ws each) on a cisco catalyst 1900 24 port switch using static port assignments. All working fine there. All four of those vlans need internet access. A cisco 2500 series router is connected to a port on the switch which will provide the internet access. The catch is, only one interface on the router (e0) is connected to the switch. my problem=only the vlan that has the router as a member can access the net. To remedy this, I have removed the ip address for the e0 interface, I created 4 sub interfaces e0.1, e0.2,e0.3, and e0.4. Gave each an ip address and made each interface a part of one of the vlans. I enabled encapsulation on the subinterfaces (the encapsulation is 802.10-that was what the switch was using). I had hoped this would work-it didnt . I checked my cdp neighbors on the switch and it only saw the e0 interface and showed no ip address for it. My question to any who may know. What did I miss. Do I need to enable something on the router or the switch so cdp will see the sub interfaces? I believe cisco calls this a single stick router and I have read all I could find on this. Anyone have a possible web link-Idea-or suggestion?? Thanks