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Thread: Just purchased additional IP... need help!

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    Just purchased additional IP... need help!

    My roommates and I have been running 3 computers using 1 ip behind a Linksys router for over a year now. Recently we have been having trouble connecting to the same servers on many different online games due to having the same ip so we decided to add a new one. Can anyone tell me what changes I need to make to our setup in order to have one of the 3 computers grab the 2nd IP? I assume there is a way to do it while staying behind the router but I'm not sure! The router is a Linksys 4 port hub/router model # BEFRS41.

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    That router only supports one WAN link. You will need to get a hub or switch and uplink it to the Modem. One machine will go directly into the modem and the other two can stay behind the router. I assumed that you still only have a single modem...

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    Other then a hub or switch you can buy a router with two WAN ports, but they are $350.The best way is with a hub . Just plug the modem in the up link port on the hub Then run two cat5 line one to the router wan port and the other one to the computers nic card.the one that runs of the hub will not be behind a firewall. the third computer can run off the router

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    Well, if you don't already have a switch or hub, you can connect your cable modem directly into the router's uplink port. Remember, if you use the uplink port, you can't use the port next to it. However, you won't be able to use the router's firewall, or I haven't figured out how to. The best action, if your willing to go out and get a switch or hub, is the advice given by the previous poster. Oh yeah, you will have to disable the router's dhcp server, if you want to use the switch that came with the router, without using the router.

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    Also, when you set it up, you'll set up the router to see one of the WAN ip addresses.

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