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Thread: Losing connection every day around same time? (DHCP problems?)

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    Losing connection every day around same time? (DHCP problems?)

    As I've mentioned on this board before - I am losing connection everyday around the same time. It is very strange. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out the problem.
    ATT has been of no use to me at all. Their tech support seems only equipped to deal with minor problems. The kind that recycling the modem fix. I can't tell you how many times they've given that to me as advice. HA!

    In the time frame when I am losing connection. I have noticed that my IP lease begins around that time. I think I also noticed today that it seems to be renewing itself everyday - even tho it says it has a 4 day lease. (2/25 - 3/1)

    I began monitoring some packets today around the time in question, and noticed many coming to port 67, and 68 (these being related to DHCP)

    The local IP was my DHCP server - and Remote IP was

    Could someone maybe provide some insight on what the problem might be?


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    Same here

    I got att broadband cable and get disconnected from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm after that the disconnects stop till the next day. Att Tech came out to check out my system. The only thing he saw wrong was .. right click on explorer on desk top, click properties, down at bottom click lan, automatically detect settings should be unchecked. But that didn't stop it 20 minutes after left I got disconnected, 5 minutes after getting back on I got disconnected again then it was good for 3 days then it started happening all over again. I know what you mean about wearing you down I've been going through this for 4 weeks, I thought it was my new computer, I placed a message on this board saying it wasn't att because I have another computer that I hook up to see if it's the comp thats doing it and I needed some input on this topic but 2 hours after placing message and about 3 days of switching computers back and forth my old computer got disconnected now I haven't a clue.

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    Not that this would make this any better but I read on this sight somewhere where a user was frequently getting disconnected through the week but on the weekends everything was okay. Turned out a business in the same area had accidently entered the wrong IP address somewhere (off by like one number) which happened to be the other persons IP address. This story wasn't in the bulletins though.

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    Had this problem last year. Took them months to fix it and then I moved.
    Had about 4 modems. Then they found out a board in the little green box out front was getting hot. Then they had the wrong MAC off the modem. Then they found a problem where the cable split up the street.
    About all I can recall.
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    It's entirely possible that some person out there has put your DHCP address as the fixed address in their computer. Everyday, they come home, turn on the PC and knock you off as you can't have two devices with the same IP. You then begin a contention fight.

    This would explain the DHCP packets your're seeing. The easiest way to check is to explain this possibility to the tech, and ask him to ping the address while you have your modem off. (After you've been knocked off). If he gets a live response he can begin tracing it back to that node and Disable their CM until they call in to get the problem fixed.



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