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Thread: Canada and their Supernet initiative...I'm moving to Canada for free 802.11 broadband

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    Canada and their Supernet initiative...I'm moving to Canada for free 802.11 broadband

    The Canadian province of Alberta is building the infrastructure to provide highspeed internet service to 422 cities. The government of Alberta along with Cisco Networks, Microsoft and Axia will be installing highspeed fiber optic lines to link 422 cities. The contracts also required competition among ISPs to insure lower internet costs. Cisco provides a nice write up in IQ magazine. Globe Technologies is reporting that work has started on the Alberta Supernet. The government of Alberta has an article about the supernet along with this article." We've mentioned Alberta earlier - nice to see they're moving ahead with the project. And an anonymous reader sent in a link about the city of Tallahasee rolling out a public WLAN.

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    take me with you ?
    Give me a fish, and you feed me for a day, teach me to fish and I won't be so damn lazy.

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    Knowwhats really cool about Alberta, no sales tax.
    Imagine, a government that does not take more then its fair share and still gives more.
    Not only that they have oil, no salt on the roads, cars dont need safety checks, and becasue of no salt there is tons of really old still driving no rust cars

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    alberta is nice.... I'd rather live in an isp tho..

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    Quite a contrast to the greed that currently holds onto the broadband keys here in Michigan.

    Canadians get fast broadband at lower costs delivered by companies and government that aren't out to screw the people.

    Here in Michigan we've got a company that is more than willing to marginalize what the people get while still maintaining and sometimes raising the price.

    Comcast is the worst thing to happen to broadband I tell ya. They are gonna kill it with their greed.

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    well all I can say is whenever you get pissed about your broadband connection always remember, you could still be on dail-up like I am. Let me tell you going from cable to dial-up is like sticking a freaking needle in your eye.


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