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Thread: I Think It May Be Time For A Changing Of The Guard

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    I Think It May Be Time For A Changing Of The Guard

    I've been using Mindspring DSL since it first came in my area back in the summer of 2000. I've been pretty satisifed with their service. Within the past few months though, I have noticed a terrible decrease in the performance of my connection.

    The net is really slow almost like a 56k. When I do speed tests it is only like 90K-300K Down/100K-250K Up. Where as before I was 800K-1.1K Down/300-375 Up. Hell I'm downloading from sites at 9K a second. Sometimes in the 20K range. But that is once in a great white moon.

    Connection drops from time to time.

    And late at night sometimes I can't get on at all. (I guess they are doing service to the server or maintence or something.)

    RR is now available in my area and my friend switched over from DSL and never looked back. He swaers it is so much better.

    The question I have will I experience great speeds at first and see it deteriorate as more people subscribe or is RR service pretty good with keeping your connection at a pretty constant rate? (Switching over to a different node.)

    What should I do?
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    The question is (and I think you already answered it) are you happy with DSL? (no) Go with cable. If you don’t like it… you can always go back. Yes… it will cost money but sometimes money is not the issue. Performance is (so my wife tells me).

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