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Thread: Upload & Download at the same time.

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    Upload & Download at the same time.

    I have a Bell 1.5/128 ADSL connection. (PPPoE)

    as I upload at my max speed 14kB/sec (my upload cap), my download speed would instantly drop to somewhere around 15kB/sec (yes, almost the same as upload speed)

    If I managed to upload at 7kB/sec, my download would stay constant, as if I didn't upload anything.

    I understand that TCP/IP required some upload bandwidth to send requests for packets. Is there a software to optimize it?
    Since not all software allow us to change the speed limit, it is troublesome to adjust speed limit on software everytime when a upload/download session starts.

    Is there such a tool that smart enough to sense the upload/download cap, optmizing Winsocks in a way that u can always transfer at medium-interval upload/download speed to get a faster overall speed? or is there a software to control DSL speed by replacing winsock?

    any comments?

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    This is not at all a PPPoE problem. If you are uploading at full you are SOL. I think what you are asking is can you limit your upload to not effect your download so much?
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    yes, is there a software to accomplish this automatically? auto change upload speed according to the download speed or does anything similar

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    i also search for a software which is capable of doing this!
    i heard that on linux it is possible to limit the upload with iproute and some settings to do.
    also i heard about a software called packetshaper, but i think this is only for big companies to control the bandwith.
    plz if anyone knows about a software for windows with which i could control the upload and download speed tell me!
    thx in advance


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