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Thread: I need an Expert Overclocker

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    I need an Expert Overclocker

    How do I overclock my processor step-by-step? My credential are at the bottom of this thread.
    What I am using:
    -Verizon DSL w/ native XP PPPoE
    -Windows XP Professional
    -1 GHz Pentium III
    -256 MB RAM
    -IBM NetVista

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    what mobo u got?
    how bout ur heatsink
    Will Work For FSB

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    Jul 2001
    Toronto, Canada
    AMD T-Bird 1.2 GHZ
    MSI K7T266 Pro2
    256MB PC2100 Crucial DDR
    60 GIG 7200 RPM Maxtor
    60 GIG 7200 RPM Western Digital
    32 MB Nvidia TV Out
    Creative SB Live Value
    431 watt Enermax power supply (whisper series, but with 2 fans on this power supply it's still loud as a mofo)
    Using WIndows XP Pro

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    yes read that article, then tell us ur motherboard brand and model and the heatsink u have on the processor

    one thing to keep in mind is that ram speed and latency(cas), cooling of teh case, processor, and motherboard, and PCI cards are all limiting factors of how high u can overclock, besides the options u are limited to in ur bios.

    also if u have a store bought PC u aint gonna be OCing lol


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