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Thread: Spying in Oz

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    Post Spying in Oz

    Big brother in the land down under....
    saw it on :O


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    OH OH!!!

    Wait till croc sees this......
    Did I hear "hit the ceiling"?
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    The Defence Signals Directorate motto:
    In God we trust, the rest we monitor"

    Are we doing anything that isn't being done already by most other countries? Not really.
    I think the interception of radio telephone traffic coming from a vessel that is a suspected people smuggler is not only acceptable, but necessary.

    The position these Australian seamen find themselves in is of their own doing and very UN-Australian at that. No sympathy from me. I would also suggest that our Leader of the Opposition, Mr Crean, would do exactly the same thing if Labour was in power.

    The mere mention of the 3 words DSD will probably cause this very post to become targeted LOL.

    Funny thing is, back in the 70's I used to work for the very organisation we are talking about in a round about way. They (DSD) have grown since then from the old teleprinter days.

    Enuff sed on the matter.

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