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Thread: Ping lag spikes???

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    Question Ping lag spikes???

    Need help...
    Problem: I game alot mostly Halflife:Couter Strike... Lately I get a Flush_entity Error and lag out every min or so.

    Setup; AMD 700MHZ, ATI Radeon 64 DDR.
    DSL Westell A90-36r515, Windows XP

    Diag: I have used a program called ping plotter. The program shows a lag spike every 1.3minutes in my ping connection to any IP address.

    Solution: Before I fire my ISP, am I correctly reading this as a ISP problem or is it normal or is it me!... I really need help..

    I have plots of IP's but I don't know how to show them here. I can e-mail them if anyone can help...

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    same here

    I've been trying to figure out why my Cox sucks so bad at gaming for 2 months. The only help I can give you right now is to type CL_CMDRATE 15 if you start getting flush entity errors, that snaps me right out of it.


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