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Thread: Trouble shooting help

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    Trouble shooting help

    I am trying to trouble shoot a friend of mine computer over the phone.

    Here is his problem.
    His win98 computer can not connect to the internet.
    His two upstairs machines can.
    He is sharing a cable connection via a netgear router fR314 I believe.
    I had him remove and reinstall TCP/IP, remove and re-install his NIC drivers.
    I had hime repair his IE 6.0.

    He can drop out to a dos prompt and his machine is getting a valid IP from the router.
    He can ping the router, he can ping the two upstairs machines.
    He can not even access his router from the troublesome machine. IE tells him that it can not open the search page.

    He can not ping, he can however ping yahoo's IP address.

    Whats going on here. As soon as he calls me back I am going to have him re seat the NIC.

    Any other suggestions?


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    His issue is most likely DNS.

    If he can ping other machines, and ping the router, then his TCP/IP is fine, and his NIC is fine.

    But he cannot ping by domain name, yet he can ping the domain's IP, you have proven this by not being able to browse or ping, yet you can ping and I'm sure you can ping any other public IP.

    So this leaves DNS as the most likely culprit. Double check your TCP/IP settings. Are any DNS servers specified? Can you do Start ==>Run==>enter "winipcfg" without the quotes. In the adapter, hit the drop down and select his NIC, not the PPP adapter. Click the Details. Any DNS info in there? Do a release and any DNS? The DNS info should match his other computers.

    If nothing works, check the routers status page, jot down the two DNS servers that his ISP hands out to the router. Now in his computers TCP properties, enter those two DNS servers manually. The host name is just his computers network identfication, and the domain is his ISP's domain name. Reboot, and see if that helps.

    I'm guessing some old setting is still in there hosing his DNS info. Also some of the .KAK variant virus's hosed your wsock32.dll and DNS info, so if the above doesn't work, get a new antivirus, update it's defs, and run a scan if you can.

    On rare cases, Ive seen interference around the patch cables (from stuff like speakers, subwoofers, battery back ups, cheap surge strips, flourescent lights) interfere enough where DHCP info wouldn't make it complete to a machine.
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